Friday, January 16, 2009

Yes, they come in all shapes and sizes. Mine are rather average if you ask me. Haha hahahaaaa!

Scientific law states that, "Boobs were created to cause distraction." In the 1300s a famous scientist by the name of Bob Boob, stated this amazing theory. Yes people, this is factual information.

Why are boobs so alluring? (in a non homosexual way). When you see them all popped up, large, and busting out of shirts, you can't help but look! Yes, you may quickly try to stop looking. But you still LOOKED. Call it a glance, or whatever you want to, but breasts are... UNAVOIDABLE.

In conclusion, ladies please put them away. Everyone WILL stare at them. No human has the power to avoid looking. ha ha ha haaaa. Especially if they're rather large.

-Tai Destiny

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