Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Letters to Ed... (2)
Dear Eddie,

I read your comment, saw your post. You're still the coolest. I'm enthralled to realize that the storm wasn't too bad. I have to admit... I was terrified. Home alone. You already know I'm the biggest baby in the world.

But on the bright side I'm so in love with you. lol. Tonight dad's terribly drunken. Acting a fool. Like a crazed madman. As long as I lock my bedroom door I'm safe. lol. He's so miserable. Such a weak person.

Today was basically blah. When I got home I laid up in bed all day. On some depressing obesity ish. Eating cupcakes and ice cream. When you see me I'll be bloated. Lmao. My friend mentioned that my tummy was chubby. Hee Hee.

I found some sneakers. I like. I want. They're right below this.

I'm off to bed. To have sweet dreams of you of course, as i hold my big, soft Eddie Bear and drift off. To another day of hell without you. But I'm happy. So don't worry about me. Even if I may sound kind of crazed. lol

Missing you... Like crazy,

P.S. I love you
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