Friday, April 24, 2009
Lil Wayne Appears In Court For Gun Possession Case

Lil Wayne appeared in front of a Manhattan Superior Court Judge yesterday (April 23) for a gun possession charge stemming from a 2007 arrest.

According to MTV News, Wayne did not speak during the hearing, as his lawyer filed a motion for additional discovery, which will have the officer who made the arrest in court next month.
The motion is the result of a possible inconsistency between the officer's account and a detective that filed the police report.

The testimony in court of the exchange between Wayne and the officer on Weezy's tour bus differed from what was entered into the police report. Police say they smelled marijuana before they stopped Wayne's bus and entered it, upon which they found an illegal gun. The rapper's lawyers say that the police did not smell the marijuana before stopping the bus, and therefore had no reason to search it.

In addition to the motion, an affidavit was filed to question DNA testing used to prove that the gun belonged to Lil Wayne and not legally registered to his manager, Cortez Byrant.
Wayne, the arresting officer and the detective who filled out the police report are scheduled to appear on May 20. The rapper's attorney was instructed by Judge Charles Solomon to call any additional witnesses on that day as well.

Cash Money label heads Bryan "Baby" Williams and Ronald "Slim" Williams arrived 10 minutes after Wayne to offer their support.
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