Monday, June 29, 2009
Michael Jackson: Greatly Missed

My heart is overwhelmed by the world's way of paying tribute to Michael Jackson. Radio staions, television stations, and shows have all been dedicating their time and support to pay tribute the the King of Pop. Who has had a greater influence globally?
I may be only 16 years old and the adults may say "Girl, what you know about Michael?" You'd be suprised. Raised my a mother obsessed with the man, an uncle dedicated to his every album, interview, television appearance, and word, and surrounded by a family in love with Michael Jackson like he was one of their own.

To hear that he had passed broke my family down. I had to take a moment to leave the house and escape from all the sadness. My mom nearly lost her mind, crying like i had never heard before. She talked about how it felt to see him in person and how she hated the way that half the world tried to make him seem like such a bad man. My auntie cried, and cried about how she felt so sorry for him family, kids, and mother.

My uncle pleaded to God and asked God why did he have to take this man when he was on the verge of a comeback. God works in mysterious ways.

I remebered being with my uncle and him having my little brother and I watching all his movies, videos, interviews, and listening to all his albums over and over again. Michael was a large part of my young life. Every family event or get together consisted of his albums being played constantly and my family members imitating his dance moves. Good times.

I remeber my mom's thriller jacket, all her albums, button, and other Michael Jackson collectables. I has the fortunate luck of being in a family that truly loved Micahel Jackson and was dedicated to his loving heart and amazing talents.
He will truly be missed. Even by my 5 year old cousin Grace, that listened to Micahel Jackson even in the womb. This man has made such a strong impact on the world. People in London, Tokyo, Africa, Australia faint and go hysterical at the site of him. Amazing.

I am so glad to the entertainment world paying their respects to Michael. It is finally time that he earned the respect that he deserved. Enough of the put-downs.

You will truly be missed Michael. But you will live on forever and forever.

- Tai Destiny

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  • At June 30, 2009 at 11:34 AM, Blogger CalebsMom said…

    We sure will, but he will definetly live on in this family. To all those ignorant people who don't have the mind to think for themselves and not have the media think for them, go look at the charts. See who holds the records. See how many tickets were sold for his tour before 24 hours of being announced. Look at his talent. Look at his award winning videos. Look at humanitarian awards. Look at all charity work he has done. Look at all the tributes. Look at the trial where he was found NOT GUILTY, AQUITTED ON ALL CHARGES. Look at all the tears being shed by his fans, and take a minute and read the lyrics of one of his many hits, "take a look at yourself and make a change." (Man in the Mirror) Michael Jackson is not was is and will forever be THE KING! Not Elvis Presley (Although we like him to) Not the Beatles. MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!!!!! A Black Georgeous Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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