Friday, July 24, 2009
"Judgemental" Judy
Judge Judy

Ok, I've been watching this show the past few days out of boredom. I've found that court shows are pretty interesting. For example, the show Judge Judy can sometimes be an attention grabber if the case is good.

But on a more negative note, Judge Judy is soooo judegemental. So yeah, she's smart. So yeah, she has her own TV show... But sometimes she handles her cases as if she know's the person personally. Sh'e always telling someone that they're a "liar" or a "fool". But what if she's completely wrong about the person and they're actually telling the truth. She speaks as if she were there to see the situation happen or something.

For example, today I watched an episode about one black girl suing another because she claimed to be "attacked". The other girl claimed that they both knowingly started that fight together. Judge Judy instantly believed the girl that claimed to be attacked. She instantly labeled the other girl as a "fool", and constantly raised her voice at and shut the other girl up.

How fair is that? Of course girl number one could have been attacked. But who are we to state that as a FACT. You could easily be wrong. Judge Judy could have easily been wrong.

But I guess it's her court so she feels that she is always right. Lol.

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