Monday, September 28, 2009
It Be Like That Sometimes
Words of Wisdom: Some of us tend to be helpful and caring, individuals that want to see the one's we love succeed. And we do everything in our power to make that happen.

Now, that's okay but catch yourself if you realize that you're so intent on helping the one's you love that you forget about helping yourself. Remember your dreams as well. Work hard for what you want.

There may come a time when you have done everything you could to help a person get somewhere but you are still... nowhere. No matter what they may do to benefit you in the future, what have you actually done for yourself? Don't you deserve equal happiness?

The human mind doesn't appreciate not being appreciated.

Think about it =].

-Tai Destiny
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  • At September 29, 2009 at 1:37 AM, Blogger Jon said…

    I like this most people just go on and come to the problem later on and say whatever and just go a certain way to ease there mind..But is there a common ground between the happiness of you and you're loved one's to the extent you want..makes me wonder..Thanks


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