Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Supra: The Vaider in Brown Purple Leather
$120.00 (http://www.karmaloop.com/)
With this Married to the Mob tee:

- Tai Destiny
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Never Gonna Let You Go
Hmm... I just had to make a post based on this song right here. The lyrics seem to be exactly what I've been feeling. Its amazing on how much I can relate to them. Below I've imbeded my favortie few lines. lol.

Faith Evans = Love

If you only knew

What you really do

Aint ever had no one that does it quite like you do

You could spend half a lifetime trying to find one like you

That`s why I am so glad I found you

I wished upon a star and it came true

- Tai Destiny
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Sunday, February 22, 2009
1964 Mustang: Pure White
So I have been on this journey of finding my dream car. I went for the classic. The 64 Mustang.

And yes... It is a convertable.

- Tai destiny
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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Wishlist Item Additon: Hellz Bellz Tee
The kiss n' kill tee

- Tai Destiny
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Vans: The Zapato del Barco
New at Karmaloop

- Tai Destiny
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Letters to Ed... (2)
Dear Eddie,

I read your comment, saw your post. You're still the coolest. I'm enthralled to realize that the storm wasn't too bad. I have to admit... I was terrified. Home alone. You already know I'm the biggest baby in the world.

But on the bright side I'm so in love with you. lol. Tonight dad's terribly drunken. Acting a fool. Like a crazed madman. As long as I lock my bedroom door I'm safe. lol. He's so miserable. Such a weak person.

Today was basically blah. When I got home I laid up in bed all day. On some depressing obesity ish. Eating cupcakes and ice cream. When you see me I'll be bloated. Lmao. My friend mentioned that my tummy was chubby. Hee Hee.

I found some sneakers. I like. I want. They're right below this.

I'm off to bed. To have sweet dreams of you of course, as i hold my big, soft Eddie Bear and drift off. To another day of hell without you. But I'm happy. So don't worry about me. Even if I may sound kind of crazed. lol

Missing you... Like crazy,

P.S. I love you
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Adidas: The Decade Hi in Metallic Silver
Just an addition to my random wishlist...
Feeling these

-Tai Destiny
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Letters to Ed...
Dear Eddie,

Gosh! I freakin miss you baby. I'm was spoiled to having you 24/7. This is hella hard. But as a recap on my day... it was wack. I mean what else can I expect without you constantly reachable during my entire day. For one I was engulfed in utter loneliness. My mind definantly had no intentions of getting you off it. You see, I still have that crazed obsession for you. lol

(excuse my cornyness) But its true.
Eddie... WTF! Why are you so amazing and so gosh darn perfect for me? The humor, the whit, the senstitivity, the hardened outer shell, the love you have for ME. Ugh!! I could pass out from the overwhelmingness of it all.

Why is our relationship so fun? So new? (Although its been 4 years) lol. Why do we relate on such a high level? Why do I feel as if you're my best freind? Why do I only want you?

I mean, how do you succeed so well at showing so much compassion for me? I'm lucky... like a 4 leaf clover. lol. Life would suck without you. I couldn't even live without the fussing and fighting and immature disagreements. Its all worth it. As long as its with you.

I'm hella deep aren't I? So mushy and gushy. Oh well! I can't help it when it comes to you anyway. My dearest Ed, can't wait to have you back to my usual 24/7. Its hard, but I'm managaing. I guess this only makes us stronger. And proves just how much we can't live without eachother.

I know its hard for you too... but it'll pass. We learn. We grow. What don't kill us can only make us stronger. As long as we tell ourselves this, we'll make it through. With more reason to love harder.

Until we meet again, I love you. I miss you dearly. And I can't wait for what's ahead of us. You're in my thoughts. My dreams. Always.

Yours truly,

P.S. Eddie Bear was a great gift. He's huge and soft. Keeping me company at night.

-Tai Destiny
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Thursday, February 12, 2009
Johnny Cupcakes
Visit the Site for more...

Johnny Cupcakes started this as a joke, from the trunk of his beat up 89' Toyota Camry. He was a college drop out.
-Tai Destiny
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Karmaloop: New Releases (Must Haves!)

- Tai Destiny
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Monday, February 9, 2009
What Went Wrong Between Chris Brown and Rihanna?
Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of attacking a woman widely reported to be Rihanna.

The fact is that right now, nobody really knows exactly what happened except those two, and neither is talking to anyone but the police. And the police have been equally quiet. While police are not naming the victim allegedly assaulted by Brown, numerous sources are now stating that the female was indeed Rihanna (real name: Robin Fenty).

While police are not naming the victim allegedly assaulted by Brown, numerous sources are now stating that the female was indeed Rihanna (real name: Robin Fenty). TMZ claims that in addition to having two large contusions on her forehead, the 20-year-old also suffered a bloody nose and lip. She was reportedly taken by officers to Cedars-Sinai for treatment of her injuries.
- Tai Destiny
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The Grammys (Continued)
Duffy... (Stunningly talented)

Paris Hilton.... (Hooker of the night award)

M.I.A.... I swear her baby was going to pop out doing her performance.

- Tai Destiny

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Sunday, February 8, 2009
The Grammys
Katy Perry (so in love love love)

...are on right now!

I advise you to watch... (A very important event in my life.)

-Tai Destiny

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Friday, February 6, 2009
Jessica Simpson Struggles Through Concert
So yeah... magazine's have been all on Jessica's recent weight gain.
In my opinion... she's not even "fat".

But to get to the point, I wonder if all this is stressing her. Anybody heard about her emotional breakdown at a recent concert? She explained tearfully, "My voice is weak tonight and I feel so vulnerable onstage."
Come on Jess, don't let em see you down :-).

-Tai Destiny

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