Monday, November 30, 2009
Evil but Hilarious. Rihanna's (Real) Interview
Yes this is cruel humor. But it made me laugh. So watch it. Don't get too offended.
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WTF? Birdman Gets A New Tattoo.

I'm all open for creative minds and what not... but the point of that was?
But hey, who am I to say? What do you guys think...
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Thursday, November 26, 2009
Shocking & Twisted: Body Overgrowth !OMG!
Check this video out guys. It's a full documentary but just watching the first 30 seconds will leave you feeling all crazy. A man with an overgrown body, a baby whose chest is much larger than normal, another man with a face deformity. Press Play. Then leave me comments about how much you hate me for showing you this =].

- Tai Destiny
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Facebook Me Baby =]
Sadly, I just now figured out how to create a facebook badge. But I do have to take time out to pat myself on the back. (You should make one too... the link is below.) So guys... just click my badge below, add me as a friend and start commenting. Just so I can feel special. Much love!
-Tai Destiny

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Sunday, November 22, 2009
Social Networking: Beware
When should we take social networking seriously?

Jesus take the wheel. Two Clayton County teachers -- who say they are romantically involved with the same man -- are on administrative leave after getting into a physical fight over a love letter posted on Facebook. The teachers were arrested on Monday after a fight resulting from the truth that both women were seeing the same man. One woman reported to the police that she found another woman's romantic letter to her "baby daddy" on facebook. The fight later moved from facebook to the middle school halls.

And in other news, I'm sure some of you had heard about the guy being arrested after checking his Facebook during a robbery. A 19-year-old Pennsylvania man was arraigned earlier this week on a charge of felony daytime robbery. How did police catch him? Simple: the burglar left a trail, by way of checking his Facebook account before leaving the house with two diamond rings and forgetting to log out. Facebook addiction?

Moral of the story? Social Networking has gone a little bit too far. Fights have erupted over facebook, myspace, and the well known twitter. Relationships ruined... friendships ended... drama, drama, and more drama. What happened to our social network's true purposes? To interact and get in touch with those long lost friends. we need a few SN laws because this is starting to be a problem. Believe it or not, but people are addicted. Alot of us can't even have a normal day without logging on to facebook. So what's up with that?
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Thursday, November 12, 2009
Gotta Check It Out: Photo Funia
Hey people =]. My journalism class was introduced to It's basically an image playground. Check out the few things I did with my photo...

- Tai Destiny
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Saturday, November 7, 2009
Smoke Rocks
A video capturing the real me... =]

-Tai Destiny
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Precious: Tai's Movie Review

So... I just came from seeing the movie. It was great.

The message is powerful. I think that's what gets all the theaters sold out of this movie so early in the day. (I went and watched before my eyes as three different showtimes got sold out).

I don't plan on spoiling the movie but I would like to say that I commend the creators for the original story line and realistic scenarios. Some can relate to rape, abuse, incest, teenage pregnancy, and illiteracy. Even if you can't I'm sure you will find some deep emotional relation and you feel and vibe with Precious' story. You'll laugh, cry, and want to see the movie all over again.

-Tai Destiny
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Keys- A Real $@# Mixtape Pt. 3
(Hosted by Curtis Williams)

Keys' new mixtape dropped! (11/3) Check it out. It slaps from cover to cover. The breath of fresh air that Atlanta needs. Show him some support.
Keys MC’d & produced the majority of the project. Check it out.

Download: Keys - A Real *** MixTape pt. 3 (Hosted By Curtis Williams)
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Tai State of Mind
Another Journalism Assignment...

Every morning is like every morning, but so very different from every other morning. Routinely when I wake every morning, my room looks the same(a junky mess as Eddie always says),but within the confinement of my room there is a day ahead that I dont quite know what it may bring.
I'm usually awaken by my alarm or a "Morning beautiful, how did you sleep" text from Eddie...
And that is the only part I enjoy as being routine. As apart of who I am,I can't stand routine. Waking up at the same time every day, going to class at the same time everyday, coming home at the same time everyday... it all irks me. I'm a person that enjoys surprise and the unpredictable days to come.
A day in the life of me would be hard to understand. You see, my state of mind is complex. Filled with day dreaming, roleplaying, and deep interest in the most random things... following my daily life would leave you with high confusion.
I live life to the fullest. Even though you may not be able to follow my reasons and ways... there is a purpose.

-Tai Destiny
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