Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Tai State of Mind
Another Journalism Assignment...

Every morning is like every morning, but so very different from every other morning. Routinely when I wake every morning, my room looks the same(a junky mess as Eddie always says),but within the confinement of my room there is a day ahead that I dont quite know what it may bring.
I'm usually awaken by my alarm or a "Morning beautiful, how did you sleep" text from Eddie...
And that is the only part I enjoy as being routine. As apart of who I am,I can't stand routine. Waking up at the same time every day, going to class at the same time everyday, coming home at the same time everyday... it all irks me. I'm a person that enjoys surprise and the unpredictable days to come.
A day in the life of me would be hard to understand. You see, my state of mind is complex. Filled with day dreaming, roleplaying, and deep interest in the most random things... following my daily life would leave you with high confusion.
I live life to the fullest. Even though you may not be able to follow my reasons and ways... there is a purpose.

-Tai Destiny
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